October 7, 2015

Large-Scale Projects

Big, messy or complicated projects are my speciality. Whether you’re looking for large scale strategy and planning or have a large project that’s gone off the rails, I can help. Website not coming together? I’ll fix your information architecture and adapt your content so it flows naturally on your site. Developers don’t understand what you’re trying to get from your App or interactive web page? Not a problem.

Want to learn more? Drop me a line and request my CV and portfolio.

Past Projects Include:

Content and Social Media Strategy: developed highly effective content strategy decks for large scale websites, content marketing apps, integrated web-social-app promotions, and sales pitch decks. Projects included data-driven content marketing for grocery stores, high-profile foodie and sporting events, health publications and libraries. Other projects covered industries ranging from pharmacy, retail, consumer products, food, software, network infrastructure solutions, education, and more.

Social Media Promotions: created dozens of interactive social media and digital promotions, from the design stage though copy-writing, and in many cases built, coded and published along with a supporting social media campaign. Campaigns included dozens of national and international brands, ranging from consumer products, cosmetics, travel, food and confectionery, pharmacy, charity/fund-raising, entertainment, and more.

CMS Back-end Design and Implementation: designed and led multiple content management system builds, redesigns and upgrades, including wire-framing templates, information architecture, workflows, content design and standardization, content development and migration. Industries covered include telecommunications, education, electronics manufacturing sectors.

Apps, Beacons, and Online Interactive Experiences: designed and executed multiple app programs and beacon environments, with projects ranging from app strategy, content, design and execution; beacon-driven, interactive, multi-media event spaces; interactive games, product finders, gift idea generators, games, and interactive stories for kids.

Second Life: collaborated as content lead on a Second Life conference and training environment for a leading electronics manufacturer.

Want to learn more? Drop me a line and request my CV and portfolio.

Still not convinced? Here are some other ways hiring me helps your bottom line:

  • Savings: Pay piecemeal by the job instead of committing to regular, full-time salary.
  • Flexibility: Plug immediate staffing needs across a range of job titles. My skills are flexible and transferable across tech, strategy and marketing.
  • Timing: You have last minute deadlines to meet, but your people are stretched to capacity. Let me help you bring your projects in on time.
  • Expansion: Are you a social company in need of short term content management? A content marketing firm needing interactive design? An interactive media company short on social media or content creation? Contracts that once were beyond your capacity are now within reach.
  • Efficiency: I speak native geek and nerd. Also some wonk. Your developers will love me because my instructions are written with them in mind. You’ll save money on development costs and projects will be completed faster.

Whether you’re looking to fill a one-off project or need to fill a staffing gap, I can help you keep your company moving.

I offer reasonable rates and quick turnaround times. Contact me now for a quote.